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ישיבה ד’אטווא

Fostering dynamic, interactive, Torah learning in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We offer rigorous secular studies in a carefully structured environment. 

We provide each student with the tools to develop a balance of midot and self assurance.

Our Vision

For over 32 years, Ottawa Torah Institute has been providing for the educational needs of the Ottawa Jewish community. Our graduates have gone on to the best Yeshivas and Universities in Israel and across North America, and are now leaders contributing members of their communities. Building upon that excellent base, OTI looks to the future with new goals and a new philosophy. We stand for excellence in both Judaic and Secular studies. Not only for our own community, but for communities in Toronto and Montreal who share in our values. We are dedicated to providing stimulating and interactive Judaic Studies classes, providing the students with analytic and critical thinking  skills

as well as a comprehensive Secular Studies program leading to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).Our dynamic caring and warm Rabbeim are committed to the personal growth and well-being of each student. The administration develops a partnership with parents in their sons’ education which encourages an open, ongoing dialogue between school and home. The environmentis one that fosters refinement of character using the Mussar approach, which develops each individual students’ strengths to their full potential as a leader of their generation. Exciting extra-curricular activities and meaningful Shabbos programming are scheduled throughout the year.

Our Rabbeim

At OTI, our Rabbeim are attuned to the individual needs of today’s teenagers. Our staff’s excitement for learning and enthusiasm for growth permeates the walls of the Yeshiva and enables the talmidim to grow and learn with energy and happiness. The Rabbeim have an open-door policy and are available in Yeshiva and after hours for any topic of conversation -, whether for advice,  a listening ear, or to clarify a personal issue. Close relationships are fostered and encouraged and are meant to last for a lifetime. The open and warm environment builds trust between the Rebbi and talmid thereby strengthening the bonds of connection allowing the talmidim to thrive during their crucial developmental years in all areas of their life – educational, spiritual, physical and emotional.


Special Focus on Midos

An integral aspect of a young man’s development as a ben Torah is his growth in the areas of bein adam l’chaveiro and bein adam l’atzmo. By utilizing the Mussar approach for which Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and its branches is known, our talmidim are given the tools to grow and foster positive habits and healthy and meaningful relationships with others. As well as with Hashem. These techniques are delivered both formally through the study of classic Mussar texts, Chumash classes, and the Friday morning  Shmuess, as well as through informal groups and individual sessions. The tone of the yeshiva environment, whether in the classroom, lunchroom, on the court, or in the dormitory is one of mutual respect and sensitivity towards others, and an awareness of making a Kiddush Hashem in all interactions.

Part of an International Chinuch Network

OTI is an affiliate institution of the Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim’s international Torah network, which is comprised of Yeshivas, Mesivtas, Batei Medrash, shuls and kiruv organizations in over 100 communities worldwide. Chofetz Chaim’s specialty which is unique to the Chinuch landscape is the Yeshiva High School. The resources and experiences of the vast network affords our Yeshiva invaluable guidance and direction both Hashkafically and practically. Each Yeshiva is suited specifically to the community which invites it and is jointly directed by its Roshei Yeshiva and Board of Directors.



As Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harris and Rabbi Dovid Mandel oversee the educational and administrative functions of the Yeshiva in both the Judaic and General Studies departments. They direct the overall educational philosophy, curriculum, policy decisions, admission criteria, and discipline procedures. They design and implement the individual learning strategy for each student and monitor his progress.

Mr. Jamie Bell, General Studies Principal, is the former _________. He directs the General Studies program to ensure it meets and exceeds Ontario Ministry standards. The course curriculum is designed to enable each student to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with the highest grade point average. Our superb staff is hand-picked and expressly suited to complement the Judaic learning environment. Mr. Bell reports directly to the Roshei Yeshiva and Board of Directors. This synergy of both departments enables the entire staff to collectively ensure the highest quality education for every student by maintaining an open and fluid exchange of communication throughout the entire staff and administration.

The Board of Directors is comprised of a unique group of volunteers, who have years of experience with both educational institutions and non-profit administration. They are responsible for maintaining the fiscal health of the Yeshiva and determine the annual budget, salaries, tuition amounts and other fees. They meet monthly to assure the continued viability of Yeshiva and its mission. The Roshei Yeshiva and Board are jointly responsible for cultivating and developing the Yeshiva’s donor base as well as overseeing the various fund raising events throughout the year.

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Ottawa Torah Institute is a proud affiliate of Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim. The resources and experiences of the vast network affords our Yeshiva invaluable guidance and direction both Hashkafically and practically.


A beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa. We gratefully acknowledge that this website has been sponsored by a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.


OTI is accredited by Ontario school board.

OTI.  An excellent new option for your son


 This Yeshiva is the answer to all our needs for our son. With Chofetz Chaim, and in
particular with Rabbis Harris and Mandel, we are assured of both a strong Jewish and
secular education, embedded in Derech Eretz. OTI is a necessary part of our Jewish
landscape and fulfills the needs of not just the Ottawa Jewish community, but also
Montreal's and Toronto's. Its presence fills a previously existing void in our communities.

Mrs. Orly AaronParent

I encourage boys from Montreal to continue at OTI.

Rabbi Baddouch

I am grateful that the Toronto kehillah has
such a wonderful option.

Rabbi Yonah Burr. Rosh Kollel, Ottawa Community Kollel

Administration & Staff

Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harris

Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harris


Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harris


Rabbi Dovid Mandel

Rabbi Dovid Mandel


Rabbi Dovid Mandel


Mr. Harold Corrin

Secular Director

Mr. Jamie Bell


Teaching Staff

Mr. Michael Beall

Mr. Jon Braun

Mrs. Marina Linderman

Mr. Larry Peters

Mr. Martin Samuels

Ms. Marcie Walker

Board of Directors

Dr. George Marcus
Hymie Reichstein
Issie Scarowsky
Shalom Benzaquen
Rabbi Ari Galandauer
Dr. Sidney Marko
Gavriel Scarowsky
Yitzchak Sheffrin

Latest News

Board announces funding match of up to $25,000.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announced an anonymous donor from New York City has pledged...
Tuition set to accommodate today's family budgetTuition set to accommodate today's family budget

Tuition set to accommodate today's family budget

The Tuition Committee has set tuition for the school year 2015-2016 ...
Second Semester welcomes veteran French and English teachersSecond Semester welcomes veteran French and English teachers

Second Semester welcomes veteran French and English teachers

Our second semester began with Grade 9 taking English ...

Trip to War Museum caps unit on Canada’s role in WWI and WWII

Mr. Michael Beall teaches 9th grade history and wanted

Mishmar Learning enhanced by homemade cholent

Thursday Night January 15 featured a voluntary Night Seder

OTI renews affiliation with Chofetz Chaim

In April 2014 due, to an expanded enrollment of boys for the coming year, the Board of OTI

OTI wins grant to create branding materials and recruiting website

Thanks to an anonymous Ottawa donor, the New Fund for Innovative Capacity Building at the Jewish Federation of Ottawa

Hidden talents revealed @ AFTERHOURS program

The OTI Melave Malka this past Motzei Shabbos was an amazing success!
OTI renews affiliation with Chofetz ChaimOTI renews affiliation with Chofetz Chaim

OTI renews affiliation with Chofetz Chaim

The first night of Chanuka 5775 featured a sumptuous seuda and chagiga...


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Dorm Life

The dorm program assures your son a welcoming home away from home in a safe, supervised, nurturing environment. Complete food service will be provided.


Nestled in the welcoming, vibrant and thriving environment of the Ottawa Jewish community, our location is perfect for young men seeking a positive and warm dormitory experience. The Yeshiva supplies all amenities needed for the teenage Yeshiva bochur. The local community assists by providing the talmidim Shabbos meals and a place to relax – giving them a comfortable source of warmth and comfort.


The yeshiva program is rounded out with enriching extracurricular activities, designed to enhance the ruach and environment of the yeshiva and to promote strong camaraderie among the talmidim. Exciting and inspiring mesibos,shabbatonim, hikes and trips are planned throughout the upcoming winter months, expanding the overall mesivta experience.

Guest Speakers

The Ottawa community is blessed with many Talmidei Chachomim and Rabbonim who have eagerly endorsed the Yeshiva’s new direction and will offer words of inspiration and wisdom to the Talmidim at guest shmuessen and special events. This year we have been privileged to hear from and be inspired by Rabbi Yonah Burr, Rosh Kollel of the Ottawa Community Kollel, Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka, Mara D’asra of Congregation Machzikei Hadas, Rabbi Yehoshua Botnick, Mara D’asra of Congregation Lubavitch, and Rabbi Ari Galandauer, Mara D’asra of Young Israel of Ottawa.

Off-Shabbos Schedule


Sample  Daily Schedule

daily schedule top
daily schedule bottom

Gemara B’iyun

One Masechta is studied for each of a student’s four years at OTI. The Gemara’s reasoning process, methodology, etymology and legal application are encountered and absorbed.


Practical text-based instruction in day-to-day Jewish living with thematic attention given to underlying principles.




Sefer Bereishis, Shemos, and Vayikra are completed in the four grades, combining a sugya methodology with reading and textual skills. The Talmidim are exposed to the thinking process and nuanced approach of the classic Rishonim and select Acharonim such as Rashi, Ramban, Seforno.

Gemara Bekiyus

After the iyun shiur, a different perek or masechta is studied at a quicker pace, focusing on the reading, structure, and shakla v’tarya of the gemara, rashi, and select tosafos. Talmidim thereby begin acquiring the background knowledge of Torah She’ba’al Peh as well as the skills to analyze and absorb larger amounts of material.


Understanding the human condition, our relationship and interactions with Hashem and those around us is accomplished through a variety of contexts, including the study of Mussar texts, Chumash classes, a weekly Mussar discourse, group learning and informal individual sessions.

General Studies

General Studies Curriculum – All courses are accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). OTI operates an intensive, highly structured General Studies Program.

Grade 9 and 10 Academic Level Courses





Canadian History

Civics and Career Studies


Art / Music

Healthy Active Living Education


Grade 11 and 12 University/College Preparation Courses

English, Writer’s Craft, Studies in Literature

French (Core and Extended)

Functions, Advanced Functions

Calculus, Vectors

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Financial Accounting, Economics

World History, American History

Canadian and World Politics


Communications Technology

Healthy Active Living Education

Requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD):

18 compulsory credits

12 optional credits

40 hours community involvement

successful completion of the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Course

Four Year OTI Course Offerings

Grade 9

Compulsory Credits                                 Optional Credits            Total Credits

English (ENG1D)                                      Bible (HRE13)

Mathematics (MPM1D)

Science (SNC1D)

Geography (CGC1D)

French (FSF1D)

Music (AMU10)

Healthy Active Living Education (PPL10)                                                          8


Grade 10

Compulsory Credits                                    Optional Credits         Total Credits

English (ENG2D)                                         Bible (HRE23)

Mathematics (MPM2D)                              Physical Education

History (CHC2D)                                          French

Science (SNC1D)

Career Counselling (GLC20)

Civics (CHV20)

either Arts or Business Studies                                                                          15.5



Grade 11

Compulsory Credits                                       Optional Credits      Total Credits

English (ENG3U)                                            Bible (HRE33)

Functions (MCR3U)                                      Physical Education

Science: 1 of Biology (SBI3U), Physics (SPH3U), +2 other electives

Chemistry (SCH3U)

Senior Social Science                                                                                            23




Grade 12

English (ENG4U)                                           Bible (HRE33)

Physical Education

+ 5 other electives                    30.5

Sample Semester Schedule

Grade 9  Semester One: Music (AMU10) Geography (CGC1D) Science (SNC1D) Bible (HRE13) Physical Education.

Semester Two:  English (ENG1D) French (FSF1D) Mathematics (MPM1D)

Grade 10 Semester One: History (CHC2D) Science (SNC1D) Bible (HRE23) Physical Education.

Semester Two:  English (ENG2D) Mathematics (MPM2D) Business Studies  Healthy Active Living Education (PPL10)

Sample Daily Schedule

Sample Off Shabbos Schedule


Admissions and Application Process

STEP ONE - All potential incoming students are invited to join us for the Open-House Shabbaton in January, 2016. This is your opportunity to experience for yourself the warm and open environment of OTI, and get to know the talmidim, Rabbeim, and community. Please fill out the Shabbaton registration form for more information. –>


STEP TWO – The next step is to download, fill out the Admissions Application Form, and mail it to us along with all requested documentation. Once a completed application is submitted, you will be informed of the Yeshiva’s decision within two to three weeks. The Yeshiva may request additional information or an interview before a student is accepted. –>


STEP THREE – Once you have received your acceptance letter you are  ready to enrol. Please download and complete the enrolment form. –>

Tuition Assistance is available when need is demonstrated and is determined by an independent Tuition Committee.

Ottowa Torah Institute

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Application Form

To apply, or for more information please call the Yeshiva office at 613-244-9119

or email otiyeshiva@gmail.com.

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